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Chicago Board Up Services

Because of a history of untrustworthy Board Up Companies Chicago enacted laws and regulations requiring all owners of any Chicago Board Up  company to submit to a background check and to be in compliance with it’s laws. At Chicago Board Up we are proud to say we welcomed that law, passed background checks, and are properly licensed. Don’t be fooled by our competition like Cook County Board Up or Accurate Board Up. Companies like T-Mobile and Bank of America rely on us for their needs.

The Board Up Law of Chicago – Standards for Chicago

Chicago Board Up sets the standards for boarding up buildings. There are Board up Law in place to protect the property owner. One part of the law denies a license to board up companies whose owners have a form of criminal history. Many board up companies are not licensed to work in the City of Chicago for good reasons, this very reason. Laws prohibit criminals from being issued board up licenses. Make sure to do your home work. Many copy our name but not our standards and way of doing business. When it comes to trust, trust the real deal. We are the first, the original Chicago Board Up. We have been boarding up Chicago homes and businesses for decades. We have trade marked our name and our logo. We have fought court battles to prevent others from copying our name. Why? to protect you the consumer.  When you hire us you will understand and rest assured you are contracting the real Chicago Board Up Company.

We Serve & Board Up Local Businesses With Trust

We not only serve to board up homes for home owners but also businesses, small and large. We have serve companies such as Bank of America, Starbucks, and T-Mobile to name a few. They trust us to get it done right the first time. When it comes to confidence in a choice of board up companies consider us. Back ground checks, decades of service, fair pricing, trade mark protection, bonded and insured are just a few reasons to choose us.